Arizona Block-Face Charcoal Concrete Sleepers


Looking for a reliable and fashionable option for your upcoming retaining wall endeavor? Look no further than the Arizona Block-Face Concrete Sleeper. Boasting a sturdy 40MPA strength and offered in Sandstone, Jasper, and Charcoal shades, this concrete sleeper seamlessly blends a natural rock pattern face finish with durability.

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Upgrade your landscaping game with the stylish and durable Arizona Block-Face Charcoal Concrete Sleepers. These sleepers are the perfect solution for your next retaining wall project, combining a natural rock pattern face finish with 40MPA strength. Available in Charcoal, Jasper, and Sandstone, these concrete sleepers will give your retaining wall a unique and contemporary look.

Made with precast concrete and reinforced with 2x N12 Reo Steel Bars, the Arizona Concrete Sleeper is engineered to provide the strength and stability you need. Unlike timber walls, this sleeper won’t rot, burn, warp, split, or flake, and is low maintenance, making it the smart choice that will last for decades.

These sleepers come in a range of beautiful colors, so you can choose the perfect shade to match your landscape. And with its engineer-designed and certified construction, you can rest easy knowing that your retaining wall will be safe and secure for years to come. Order your Arizona Block-Face Charcoal Concrete Sleepers today and take advantage of fast and convenient shipping right to your doorstep. Retaining Wall Supplies accepts card payment over the phone or through their online checkout, and they also accept purchase orders. Upgrade your landscaping project with the Arizona Concrete Sleeper today!

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