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Retaining Wall Calculator - Find Out How Much Concrete Sleepers & Steel Posts You Need

Find out the quantity of concrete sleepers and steel posts required for your wall's four sections using our handy calculator. Simply select your chosen sleeper length, input your expected wall length and height, and your material requirements will be generated on the right. You have the option to buy concrete sleepers or steel posts directly from our online store or by calling us at 0480 038 973.

Furthermore, to receive a cost estimate based on your calculations, click on the "Request a Quote" button. Experience seamless planning with Retaining Wall Steel & Sleepers.



Concrete Sleeper Requirements

This is how many concrete sleepers you will need for your wall.

10 pcs

48 pcs

480 pcs

Steel Posts Requirements

100 UC/PFC 75-80mm Sleeper

150 UC/PFC 100-120mm Sleeper

0 mm

0 pcs

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Great product and personal service with super well priced concrete sleepers. Many Thanks Peter.
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Michael Ingram
Armadale, VIC

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