Raven Charcoal Concrete Sleepers


Introducing Raven Concrete Sleepers, a top-quality product range with a strength of 50MPA and a smooth finish in a sleek charcoal shade. These sleepers are available in sizes ranging from 80mm to 120mm, they are affordable and durable option for your next project.

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Transform your garden with the sleek and durable Raven Charcoal Concrete Sleepers. These heavy-duty sleepers are made of precast concrete with steel reinforcing and boast a 50MPA strength, making them perfect for retaining walls up to 4.6 metres high. With a smooth charcoal finish, these sleepers will blend seamlessly into your garden, giving it an organic flow and a sophisticated look.

Choose from a range of sizes, including 80mm to 120mm, with dimensions ranging from 1800x200x80 to 2400x200x100, to ensure the perfect fit for your retaining wall. Unlike timber walls, these sleepers require less maintenance and last longer, allowing you to enjoy your garden for years to come.

Our Raven Charcoal Concrete Sleepers start from just $36.975, making them an affordable and stylish option for any garden design. At Retaining Wall Supplies, we offer secure online checkout or accept card payments over the phone or via purchase orders. Order now and experience the perfect combination of strength and style with Raven Charcoal Concrete Sleepers.

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